Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Keeping Cool

Wow it's hot in this fur coat!!
We have been having a hectic heat wave the last week or so with temperatures of 36 degrees!  I know I have been struggling to stay cool and I am not wearing a fur coat.

I have been trying to find ways to keep my boys happy and cool.  I have put ice water in their water bottles, made sure their veg is nice and chilled and includes cucumbers and watery veg so they keep hydrated.  They have a little fan over their cage and my mom made wonderful cooling pads for them.  They are filled with rice and put in the freezer (can be put in the microwave when it's cold, just a cautionary note, when heating up in a microwave just put a cup of water in as well, the rice is very dry and can catch alight) and then laid underneath their fleece and their houses to keep them nice and cool.  It has been a very successful project and I will definitely use them heated in winter.

Nice Cooling Pads

Fleece Covering the Cooling Pads

The boys took full advantage of the cooling pads and stretched out on them as soon as I put them into the cage.  I feel much happier knowing they can keep cool in this heatwave.

Yummy Carrot Tops are the Perfect Snack on a Hot Day

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