Monday, 12 November 2012


Things were going great with the boys for the first few weeks, but one night Rhiley hit adolescence with full force (yes guinea pigs have teenage mood swings too).  There was chasing, mounting and squealing, I sat motionless on my bed watching this whirlwind of fur flying around the cage, I won't lie, I was scared.  I however did not intervene, as I read that boys need to sort out their issues unless there is blood involved.  Luckily for me they calmed down and there was no bloodshed.

I decided at this point that I needed to make arrangements for having two boys now instead of a girl and a boy.  This meant changes to the cage, I wanted it to be bigger and to give them two eating areas and two sleeping areas to avoid conflict.  From the research I did I came to the conclusion that space + boars = happy boars.

The other thing I tried which was successful was a buddy bath.  This means you wash your piggies together with piggy friendly shampoo and then dry them with the same towel so they smell the same.

Mom We are All Wet Now!

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