Monday, 12 November 2012

The Cage...

So... I am a designer which made this part a bit easier.  I drew up plans for a cage that I wanted to create for Sherlock and I asked my boyfriend to help me with the construction of it.  I covered a large masonite board with waterproof vinyl for the base and began to start putting together the wood structure.  I used a storage container for the eating area and made a nice ramp from some guttering padding and fabric.  I covered the sides of the cage with perspex and my mom sewed some nice new fleece blankets to use instead of sawdust for the cage (I found out this causes respiratory problems in piggies).  Fleece is easier to keep clean (I vacuum it every morning with a hand held vacuum cleaner) and it is a nice soft padded floor for little piggy feet.  I have a toweling layer beneath the fleece to keep it dry and I change the fleece once a week.

The whole process took two days and a lot of blood, sweat, love and tears.  Finally the cage was ready and Sherlock was put into his new lovely home.  He was so happy and enjoyed a nice long popcorning session.  He figured out the ramp very quickly and I could see the change in him instantly, this was one happy piggy.  The cage ended up being 75cm x 1.7m long.  I was very pleased with the result, not only did it look great, but was so much better for Sherlock.

The Base is Complete

Frame Work Going Up

Perspex and Double Storey On

It's Finished!

My Boy Exploring His New Home

Upstairs Dining Room

Sherlock Learning to Use a Ramp

Sweet Happy Piggy

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