Sunday, 11 November 2012

Bringing Home Sherlock

I have always wanted a guinea pig... I don't know what it is about those cute, silly, happy little faces, but I just have wanted one since I was eleven years old.  I am now 25 and living in my own home.  

One quiet day in February 2012, shortly after I had moved into my own place, I was sitting on my couch with my mom and we were chatting.  I told her that I still wanted a guinea pig and she said well then lets go get one!  I jumped to my feet and set off to find my new fur baby.  I didn't really know anything about guinea pigs, so I went and bought a cute, but way too small hutch, some food bowls, dry food and saw dust.  I knew Sherlock was my piggy the minute I saw him.  I picked up this tiny, sweet ball of fluff and brought him home with me.  I set up his new home (which would soon prove to be inadequate, but like I said I didn't know any better) and I proceeded to give him lots of cuddles and some yummy cucumber to welcome him home.

The Hutch I bought Sherlock

My Sweet Baby Eating Some Cucumber

Each and every day I grew to love this little piggy more and more, but I also began to realise just how little I knew about guinea pigs.  These little creatures are far more complex than most people realise, so if I could do one thing differently about that day, it would have been to research these special little animals a bit more.

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