Sunday, 11 November 2012

Guinea Pigs are Complex Creatures?

So as it turned out, guinea pigs require a lot more care, space attention and proper diet than I had realised, so I went on to rectify things for my sweet little Sherlock.  I found out that guinea pigs need proper vitamin C enriched pellets, a varied diet of fresh vegetables (no iceberg lettuce), unlimited good quality hay, fresh water (preferably in a bottle so it doesn't get full of food etc), floor time as well as a large cage with a flat base (no bars) and most importantly, a friend.

So this was a lot to take in so I figured I would do things one step at a time.  I started with the water and diet which was easy enough to change.  Next step was floor time which was easy enough to offer... now there was the cage situation to deal with as well as the friend situation.  Unfortunately I also realised that my sweet piggy had mites (causing him to itch and become very uncomfortable) so it was off to an exotics vet.

Sherlock Enjoying Some Floor Time

My Poor Baby Looking Poorly With Mites

Sherlock had to go on a course of invermectin injections (which later I found could have been avoided with a painless dose of revolution).  I also had to disinfect his whole environment and nurse him back to health.  Fortunately my baby recovered well and started picking up weight nicely.  I had at this point decided that I wanted to design and build a better, bigger cage for Sherlock (and eventually his buddy).  I wanted to make something pretty and spacious as well as easy to clean and ultimately better for my boy.

My Boy Looking Much Healthier

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