Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Big Catch Up...

The Guinea Pig Boys Have Now Got Guinea Pig Girlfriends
So... it's been a while since I last updated this blog... life has been a tad crazy.  As you can see by the above picture, a lot has changed since December.

So Christmas time was lots of fun, made the boys some more cuddly beds for Christmas and we had a fun Christmas photo shoot.  The fun part was the parsley ;-)

The New Beds

Christmas Hat Time
In January I went away for a week and came back to a very fat Rhiley, much to my dismay... luckily he lost the weight quickly enough :-)  Things were going very well with the boys and their bond has grown so nicely.  
There was however a small upset with Rhiley during the beginning of the year with a respiratory tract infection that was luckily taken care of quickly by my exotics vet.

A Really Big Rhiley
The Boys Enjoying Some Cuddle Time
I had been wondering for some time if the boys would enjoy some female company, but was nervous about introducing girls into the mix as I had heard many a horror story about keeping males and females together.  So I did some research and I spoke with a breeder about the situation and he advised that all things would work well due to my boys being neutered and the size of my cage.  I decided to get the girls on a Saturday morning just over a month and a half ago.  Roberta (friend who introduced me to breeder) and myself went off to visit Mike (breeder).  I could not explain how excited I was to bring home my new peruvian girls :-)  so introducing Jara Carsynthia (Calli) and Jara Jipsophelia (aka Taylor).



Everyone Together

One Big Happy Family
So initially I kept the girls separate from the boys with a perspex screen so they could see each other but weren't in direct contact.  We then did the first introduction on my bed where I could watch everyone and the second intro a day later in my hallway where everyone could have lots of space to run and figure out dominance. 
First Intro

Sherlock Tired out After the Second Intro

A few days later it was time to put everyone in together, so after a full clean out of the cage, I put everyone in together and waited for any sign of danger.  Luckily enough I was only met with a bit of mounting and some rumble strutting from the boys.  To my joy and relief everyone got along and they are still getting along so well. 

My Beautiful Babies

I decided to get more involved in the SAGPS and I could now show Calli as she has potential to be a good show pig, Taylor unfortunately has too many rosettes (peruvians should only have two on their bum).  So I did my judges course and my "exam" and I am now a judge and am judging my first show this weekend.  I decided since Calli's hair wasn't long enough yet, I would enter Sherlock in the pet class category which he won.  All in all I have met some amazing new people and I am enjoying being involved with other guinea pig people.  

The Judges Show

So Proud of my Boy

Cutie Pie

Learning How to Judge a Pig
On another note, the girls are growing up beautifully, I'm so proud of them.  Also my friend Roberta has decided to not only do judging and showing, but also breeding of peruvians and alpacas (curly haired peruvian).  I had fun doing her logo for her and I am very excited to see all the beautiful piggies she breeds from Petit Cochon Cavies

My Beautiful Girls
Will be blogging again soon everyone!!