Friday, 14 December 2012

"Wheeky" Clean

soggy Rhiley

 Yesterday was cage cleaning day, so I put the boys in their carrier bag which I normally put them in whilst I clean their cage.  They were however very fussy yesterday and there was much rumbling and wheeking and head butting, so I decided to put them in separate carriers.  Sherlock kept running away from me and playing in his tunnel which was rather amusing.  I also decided a buddy bath was in order.

get me out of this carrier bag!

Mom I don't want a bath

I'll come out if you give me some parsley!

 So I ran a nice warm bath for the boys and plopped them in the nice water (just up to their tummies).  They don't mind the bath part so much... just the drying part afterwards!  I make sure to never put water on their faces and I just gently rub their little ears with my damp fingers.  They get their paws cleaned and I wash there little tummies and fluffy bums.  Piggies should not be bathed very often as they have sensitive skin, so once a month maximum.  Unless you have a guinea pig friendly shampoo, just warm water should be used.

We don't want to have a bath mom!

Sherlock standing so nicely in the bath

Wet piggies bonding in the bath

Rhiley looking unimpressed

 Next came the drying part... I put down a towel on the bathroom floor and placed the boys on it and rubbed them gently dry, although Sherlock kept running onto me making me nice and wet and smelling of damp piggies.  Rhiley does not like getting dried with a towel, he cries, so I make sure I am especially gentle.  On a cold day I normally blow dry them on a cool gently setting, but since it is so warm I made sure they were nicely towel dried and put them into their nicely cleaned hutch with some nice veg for dinner.

Towel Dried Piggies

Rhiley was very cross with me

 When they were nice and dry I decided to do the first Christmas photoshoot with the boys since they looked so clean and fluffy.  So I set up a chair with a blanket and some nice parsley in front of the tree and clicked away!

 Can't wait to get started on the boys gifts!  Will be blogging soon... cheers!

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